Monday, February 19, 2007

Ray, Click and Kong

What I'm Watching:

1. Ray. Awesome biography. Of course it won so many awards, I'm just getting around to seeing it now. Worth owning probably. The director's commentary should win an award. It was the perfect blend of interesting information about Ray Charles and about the film itself. Very little boring spots in the commentary, it was as good as the movie itself. Highly recommended.

2. Click. Adam Sandler. A poor (non-holiday) retelling of It's a Wonderful Life or Christmas Carol or similar movies. A bit preachy -- appreciate your life, even the boring and frustrating spots. Take time with your wife and kids, they are more important than money and job. All the funny stuff is in the trailer. Sandler was phoning it in on this one.

3. King Kong. 2005, Peter Jackson's version. The special affects are far superior to anything I've ever seen before. It reminded me of the classic Willie Wonka because the first half hour of the movie is all pretty dull setup (though it kept my attention). The story is a modern take on a classic storybook fairy tale -- Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty come to mind here. There's also some tribute, I think, to the original radio "cliffhanger" dramas -- pushing the hero farther and farther off the cliff until you think there can be no return. What would have worked well as cartoon came to me as fake because of the incredible realism of the image and sound.

Peter Jackson is brilliant, no doubt, but don't think he understands the depth of the stories he tells. High recommendation, but don't get your hopes too high. He has, of course, done better work.



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