Friday, October 13, 2006

What is William doing?

Well, I'm mixing.

It seems that my inspiration is like baking.
1. I assemble the ingredients (lots of listening to mp3's, talking with friends, Katherine, etc., reading books, praying, etc.).
2. I mix the ingredients in my mind and let them cook for a while.
3. Then I can serve up a good dish of something interesting. Sometimes it comes out good. Sometimes, not so good.

I felt a flurry of inspiration and activity for a few weeks recently (I was posting on this blog every day). Now, I'm mostly mixing. You can tell I'm mixing because the "Good listening" section is expanding.

Current ingredient list (always changing):
1. John Piper's biographical lectures (mp3)
2. Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards
3. FotR, Tolkein
4. Jay Sklar's lectures on Proverbs (mp3)
5. Various Veritas lectures (mp3), Plantinga, Moreland, Pratt, etc.
6. Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell
7. Tony Campolo sermons (mp3)
8. My usual weekly's from Keller, Harrell, Driscoll, Bell, Nabors, Chandler, Doriani, etc.

Currently mixing with:
1. Good (literal) dieting. I've been right on target all of October! About 800 calories/day under maintenance level.
2. Good exercise. Working hard, getting stronger. Averaging 6 miles/week, 3 sessions of weight lifting. Running is easier for me if I'm listening to something good.
3. Good amounts of sleep, mostly.

I'm sorely missing a variety of good conversationalists. More than that, I'm still missing the company of good friends, as we had in St. Louis (but this is the topic of another entry another day). Without a pleasant variety of good conversationalists, I'm like a baker whose oven only heats up to 200 degrees. Nonetheless, some things are cooking, not ready yet. Interesting things. Some things, in the oven for several years now, maybe nearing completion.

Well, the winter is coming. Excellent season for visiting Miami. We got a 2-bedroom apartment for the express purpose of hosting whoever wants to visit. We're close to the airport, the beach, the shopping, the malls, the downtown, the state parks, Miami Beach, and public transportation. Walking distance to the famous Miracle Mile and many, many great restaurants. Any takers?


Blogger RKS said...


Did you catch the Moyers "Is God Green" on PBS? Lots of good spice there, depending on what you have in the mixer...

4:00 PM, October 13, 2006  
Blogger W Sofield said...

Didn't catch it. Sounds interesting. Would like to put it in the mix. I'm watching less and less TV recently, but that sounds worth the time. I like Moyers.

7:23 AM, October 16, 2006  

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