Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Reformation Day

(actually, I think Reformation Day was yesterday, but the 95 theses were first read on November 1, right? So I think it should be November 1 to replace "All Saints Day" which was the day that all the relics from all the saints were "active" and could give you God's grace if you performed certain tasks. It was a kind of "wild card" day for relics and I think Reformation Day is a good and fitting substitute.)

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I'm not a Lutheran. Don't want to be one. But we owe much to Luther and his 95 Theses. And of course, my own "Reformed" tradition is congruent with the "Reformation." I hope that we can continue in the spirit of the great Reformers like Hus, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Cranmer, Knox, Bullinger, Beza, Melanchthon, and others.


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