Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm not really a father. My children call me, "Chaplain" instead of, "Dad" or more likely, "Papi" since they are all Hispanic. So I'm "Chaplain." Most of them didn't know what that word meant. For some, I could explain with "capellan."

My oldest ran away this weekend. We don't know where he is. The police are looking for him. I think we've lost him for good. I hardly knew him. So now, we have Robert, Miguel, Julio, Julio and Mikel. I'm working on some pictures, perhaps. We had a rough week, I think, but things seem to be settling down and we're getting into a routine, learning what to expect from each other.


Blogger nickg said...

Wow! Crazy stuff. I'm praying for you bro.

12:05 PM, August 29, 2005  

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