Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Miami Traffic

I left the new home this morning at 6:40am. I wanted to get in to work earlier than my scheduled start time of 8am. The rain last night caused the overnight construction to continue into the rush-hour. There were 5 disabled vehicles on the highway. I got to work at 9:05, just under 2 and half hours.

Cities are great because there is so much to do, but with all the people, sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait. Then again, in rural areas, there's lots of waiting, too, I think.

Why does this waiting bother me? I think it is because I feel like my time is worth more than other people's time. I should not have to waste my time on mundane tasks such as traffic, becuase I am special. Am I the only one here? Lord help us all.


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