Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Listening

I remember seeing John Piper in a Q/A time at Covenant Seminary once. Someone asked him. How can I become a great preacher? His response: Two things, 1. Study hard in seminary. Learn everything you can learn about the Bible, history, etc. 2. Listen to great preachers. Follow-up question. Who are the contemporary great preachers? Piper said, Three come to mind. 1. Skip Ryan, 2. Bryan Chapell, 3. Tim Keller.

I think this is good advice. To that end, I've amassed quite a collection of sermons, and people commonly ask me about good preaching resources. There are tons on the internet for free. I plan to keep this post updated as I find more resources.

I've mixed the sermons with other stuff, too.

My Favorites
Tim Keller, for my time, Keller is the best preacher alive.
Rob Bell, Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan.
Fred Harrell, City Church, San Francisco.
Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill in Seattle. Mark Driscoll.

I Check Each week for these ones, too.
Matt Chandler, at the Village Church, Dallas, TX
John Piper, a Reformed Bapitist minister.
Randy Nabors, New City Fellowship, Chattanooga, TN
Dan Doriani, of Central Pres. in St. Louis, MO.
This American Life, some of the best storytelling available. I love it!
Speaking of Faith, mostly non-Christians honestly wrestling with spirituality.
Weekend America, news, culture, weather, etc.
American Radio Works
Justice Talking
Sound Opinions, Listen Critically

Don Carson Collections
Don Carson, NT Prof.
Don Carson, NT Prof.

More Good Collections
Monergism Audio
Reformed Blacks of America
Tons of Tim Keller stuff

More Good Preachers
Darrin Patrick, The Journey in St. Louis.
Kim Riddlebarger
Kim Riddlebarger
Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant Seminary
Zack Eswine, Covenant Seminary, St. Louis, MO
George Robertson, First PC, Augusta, GA
Joe Novenson, Lookout Mountain PC, Chattanooga, TN
Lance Lewis, Christ Liberation Fellowship
Scotty Smith, Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN
Mike Campbell, Redeemer PC, Jackson, MS
Thurman Williams, Newsong Community Church, Baltimore, MD
PCPC, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX.
Long and Garriott, Pastors at Faith Christian Fellowship, Baltimore
Barry Henning in St. Louis, MO.
Randy Pope, Perimeter PC in Atlanta
Harry Reeder, Biarwood Pres. in Birmingham
Steve Brown, Preaching Prof. at RTS in Orlando.
Bob Stuart, Intown Community Church, Atlanta
Ray Ortland Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN
Kent Hughes, College Church
Joshua Harris, Covenant Life Church, Washington, D.C.
Tom Nelson, Denton Bible Church
Tony Campolo
All Souls Church, John Stott et al.
Gateway Community Church, Boston, Joe Marcucci
Jubilee Church, London
Capital Hill Baptist Church, Mark Dever, et al.
John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
Craig Cabaniss, Grace Church, Dallas
2nd Presbyterian in Memphis, Sandy Wilson
St. George's Tron
Christ Church of Berkeley

More Sermon Collections
Covenant Seminary
30 Good Minutes
Southeastern Baptist Seminary
Southern Baptist Seminary
Southwestern Baptist Seminary
Dallas Seminary
Westminster Seminary
Gordon Conwell Seminary
Fuller Seminary
Master's Seminary

Seattle Pacific University
Grace College
Beeson Divinity School
Sermon Audio

Good Lectures
Veritas, a goldmine of good and relevant lectures
European Leadership Forum
OKC Conference on Reformed Theology

Covenant Seminary Worldwide, download a free seminary education.
Westminster Seminary Resources
Emergent Village, some good "emergent" resources here.
Off the Map, Brian McClaren
Carl F. Henry Center for Theological Understanding
American Rhetoric, huge and awesome site!

General Listening

Car Talk, Click and Clack. Great fun, streaming only.
Mars Hill Audio, Christian critique and learning from culture, free mp3's
Issues Etc., Thoughtful radio program by the LCMS.
Pandora, my favorite music site. Easy and accurate.

What resources have you found?

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