Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Name is Earl

I recently started watching television again. Not much, but I like The Office.

I saw My Name is Earl -- a new comedy on NBC -- ripe with gospel implications.

Earl talks a bunch about karma. The basis for the show? He has a list of things he has done bad in his life. He now dedicates his life to "undoing" each bad thing -- atoning for his sins. Now, this is a hilarious show. My wife and I really liked the one episode we saw.

But more seriously, in the words of Bono (U2), I'm glad the world doesn't work by karma, but rather by grace. If Karma were real, I'd be really messed up and so would Earl. We cannot undo our mistakes. We hurt other people, and we cannot take it back. However, the grace of God floods our lives because Jesus paid the price that Earl will never pay -- no matter how many seasons the show lasts.


Blogger James said...

Yeah my life would suck so much if Karma was real! like I never seem to do any thing "Good". it has been said before me..... "House Keeping" glad to see your back and updating! I've really been missing you guys! if you want give me a call some time. my cell nuber is 314-225-6231

11:13 AM, November 18, 2005  

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