Monday, January 30, 2006

End of the Spear

Katherine and I saw End of the Spear last night. Since this is a "Christian" movie, I did not have high expectations. I was intrigued that it was the eighth highest grossing movie last weekend, but I was ready for a dissapointment. I must give two reviews.

1. Movie Review. One character was filled out well -- not bad. The other characters are pretty flat. The plot does not build very well, the tension is almost completely resolved several times in the movie, so they could have ended the movie after 20 minutes and people would have been fine. There are good connections made throughout the movie and it is a unified story, nod doubt. But the typical cinematic tension building is not well done. Actually, this is more like real life, I think -- I didn't feel manipulated as much as I thought I would. The scenary is amazing. The writing was pretty good, but not great. Overall it is a fair movie. Worth your time -- you should see it.

2. Theological Review. Stunning. Amazing. Awesome. I love combining conservative orthodoxy with liberal orthopraxy. It was clear that the white people were "missionaries of the gospel" who were trying to tell these "untouched" people about the "Son of [God]." They even distinguish between the saved (going to heaven) and the unsaved (not going to heaven) -- between those who are "ready to die" and those who are not. However, the message of nonviolence is amazing. Best line in the movie -- "If you kill one more time, you will kill us all." Conversion results from voluntary redemptive suffering of the innocent.

Take a box of tissues. Tell me what you think and how you feel about this movie, please.


Blogger kristie said...

Im not a Christian who feels led to see every "christian" movie that comes out, because frankly Im more likely than not to be dissapointed in almost every aspect of "christian" movies. I was actually pleasantly surprised by End of the Spear, because I didnt go into it hoping for awesome visual effects or oscar winning performances. Compared to other "christian" movies Ive seen it is hands down the best. Even though the name of Christ wasnt even mentioned the message was more Christian than anything Ive seen in film. The fact that actions speak louder than words is exactly what the gospel is all about (James 1:27), and I have never been more moved by a movie, not even Passion of the Christ. I think anyone can appreciate this story.

11:51 AM, January 30, 2006  

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