Friday, January 27, 2006


Since we moved recently, we've been without a TV.

There are a couple shows I wish I could see. SNL, the Office, NFL.

But really, we don't miss it. In fact, I've been reading more, and we've been building relationships more -- that's good for us. For example -- this week. On Monday night we spent the evening on the phone with a good friend. Tuesday night we were hosted at the home of some new friends (btw, their condo had the most magnificent view I have ever seen). Last night we had a dinner party -- a friend from church, our next-door neighbor (who was displaced from New Orleans) and his friend. Tonight, we're having two couples for dinner and hiring a teenage girl from our church to watch their kids upstairs so we can talk. This has been a pretty typical week for us in the last month.

No TV.

Is TV really that great? Does anyone feel good about the time you spend with the TV? I would guess that many people think a couple shows are worth watching, but how many people stick to just those shows? Is this not an addiction? Can you stop watching whenever you want? Really?

No TV.

I think I might like it. I think it might be good for me. I think I might not get that super TV tuner for my computer.

No TV.



Blogger nickg said...

Please...stop bringing up issues that make me feel convicted...

You are 100% correct; I'm sure I would be a much happier, more productive person if I didn't spend so much time watching t.v. The only "show" that I would really want to keep up with is CSI, even though I really enjoy The Office and a couple other shows, I don't spend much time wondering what happened when I miss them. I would also want to watch sports, but I need to be more discriminating about the particular games I choose.

Even though Suzanne has always been dead-set against having two t.v.'s in the house, I think it would be great to have one small t.v. for her and I to watch a couple of shows on and some sports, and then a really nice entertainment center setup in order to have people over to watch movies on.

No t.v. -- I don't think I could do it...yet.

12:54 PM, January 27, 2006  

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