Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving 2004

Katherine and I went to Venice, Florida for our first thanksgiving as Florida residents. My grandparents live there. We spent the day with Grandad and Nana. Later, my Uncle Bob, Aunt Judy and cousins Alan and Christine came over for the dinner. Nana does not like to cook, but the food was great. During dinner, my sister Karissa called on the phone from Chattanooga to tell us she is pregnant. Exciting news. My brother Josh also called earlier in the day, it was good to talk to him, and then later that evening, mom, too.

Families follow us through our lives. We may not be close, emotionally, or geographically, but the undeniable connection leads us to make journeys toward one another at specified times of re-connecting rituals. There can be great stability in families (even if the stability is sometimes madening and sometimes frustrating, and sometimes even disfunctional) and stability is a good thing.