Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Holidays

I am a Christian minister and I use the phrase, "Happy Holidays." My wife adn I laugh at the offense some take in these words, just as they laugh at the offnese taken by our Jewish brothers and sisters who take offense at the term "Merry Christmas." I sure don't mind offending people, but I don't want to offend them with my terminology, I want to offend them with the gospel. The word "Christmas" is not the gospel or Christ.

Not only that, but there are two big holidays at this time of year for me. Christmas and New Years. So, I say, "Happy Holidays" to you, my readers (both of you).

This was the first year my wife and I were alone for Christmas. We had a terrific Christmas Eve service at our church, and another one Christmas morning. On Christmas morning at church, we did something familiar from my Baptist past which never happens in Presbyterian cirlces. We had a spontaneous carol sing. Pick your favorite carol, and let's all sing it. I thoguht about finding the most obscure carol I could find, claim it was my favorite and make everyone sing it, but I didn't. I got upset when people picked advent songs rather than Chrsitmas songs, but that's something I need to get over.

Katherine and I don't exchange presents for Christmas, we buy new festive clothes. I got a new pair of pants, and a new spiffy shirt, and a terrific new belt. I was stylin' in church on Christmas morn'. We tried to watch the LOTR Trilogy (Extended), but we barely got through the Fellowship. That afternoon, my parents called and told us they'd be arriving for New Year's.

They came with 6 of my brothers and sisters on Saturday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon, the first. Great fun. The manitees avoided us completely, but we had a fun time at the beach on New Year's eve. For visitors from the foreign frozen North of Chattanooga, swimming at the beach in the dead cold of winter was great.

Watch for more updates soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FIRST POST! I am reader number 1! (Take that Nick!)

- Steve

10:34 PM, January 04, 2006  
Blogger James said...

what about me? am I just not there? like not even a number? well I will be number 0.... glad to see you up dating again....

James :-]

1:17 AM, January 05, 2006  
Blogger nickg said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Aren't you ashamed to have turned your back on the faith of decent-hardworking-patriotic-conservative-moralists?

Naahhh...I wouldn't be either!

2:44 PM, January 05, 2006  
Blogger W Sofield said...

Thanks, fellows. The St. Louis crowd is well-represented.

8:31 AM, January 09, 2006  

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