Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Reading

In an effort to distract you (and me) from the TV, this is a list I'll keep updated, and linked on the right. Good places for stimulating reading. What resources have you found? Where do you like to read? Let's cross-pollenate.

For fun
Harvard Commencement Address, 2000
The Onion
Urban Legends

Physical Health and Fitness
John Stone Fitness
Check this girl out
Natural Physiques
John Berardi

Good Christian Articles
Andy Crouch, culturally relevant articles
Modern Reformation
Covenant Seminary Resources, articles and audio from CTS profs
Sojourners, Jim Wallace, and the social-minded evangelicals
Christian Book Summaries, summaries, not reviews, of new books
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Greg's Couch, my friend in the St. Louis Study Center
Ransom Fellowship, reviews of movies and music
Hollywood Jesus, more reviews and studies of movies
First Things, Neuhaus's wonderful journal
Probe, apologetic think tank
byFaith, only for PCA folk

Ministry Resources
Redeemer Center for Faith and Work
Tim Keller's Church Planting Newsletter
Church Planting Resources
Ed Stetzer on Church Planting
Vision Papers of Redeemer PC, NYC
JETS, giving away their articles for free! Wow!
Resources for NT Exegesis
Reformed Praise

Classic Literature
Monergism Free Books
Works of John Calvin

Works of Jonathan Edwards
Christian Classics
Medieval Sourcebook


Blogger nickg said...

I guess one could check out the sidebar on my blog to see what I read, but here are a few that I consider a must to check out. (note: does not include some on your list that are also on mine, like Sojourners & Ransom Fellowship)

McSweeney's - - fun essays and other writing

American Life in Poetry - - a new poem every week

catapult magazine - - prose, poetry, and other writing from a Christian perspective

Roger Ebert - - my favorite movie reviewer, not because I always agree with him but because he's a good writer

The Brushback - - like "The Onion" but just sports

all the blogs on my list, but my favorite is Junkmail for Blankets (sorry Willy) -

The Matthew's House project - - again, prose, poetry, and other writing from a Christian perspective

11:23 AM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger Claire said...

Not that I need anything else to distract me from studying, but I'll have to second Nick's suggestion for catapult magazine, especially since a good friend of mine has written a few articles in there.

I also read... - a community of bloggers in st. louis

3:52 PM, December 13, 2006  

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