Thursday, December 28, 2006


I've been trying to write an article about the pursuit of holistic health. My idea is this -- every area of health affects other areas of health. Physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, financial, sexual, etc. A deficit in one will drag the others, too. For all these, neglect breeds disease. We must be actively pursuing health in order to get it. That is to say, health is dynamic, not static.

To that end, I want to focus a great deal of attention on my physical health this year. I've been monkeying around for the last few years. Seminary was a focus on intellectual health. CPE was a focus on emotional, spiritual and relational health. The last few years have helped with a focus on financial health. It's time to get things in order. I'm ready to take off on Monday (I think).

I like "The Biggest Loser." With some critiques, it's a great show. This video is about the show.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never watched this show because I assumed that it was degrading and mean to the contestants. I guess I was wrong!

11:45 AM, December 29, 2006  

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