Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hospital Prayer Journal

We keep a journal in the hospital's chapel. People write prayers in the journal. When the pages are full of prayers, we replace with a new journal. Most of the prayers are pretty generic, but some are quite amazing. I'll try to preserve the spelling, grammar, etc. Here's one:

Dear God,
Even to this day, I still question whether or not you exist. I wonder if you are real or if you are just a figment to millions of people's imaginations. My friends . . . tell me I am crazy to question whether or not you exist, they tell me how wonderful you are and how I should be greateful cause you died for our sins, but it's hard for me to believe in you. Everyone tells me how great you are but every day I see so many people suffering; people dying very painful deaths, and it makes me think "If God is so wonderful, why dies he let all this cahos happen!" I want to believe in a supreme being; a Great God, but I need you, therefore, to show me your ways. Why you let all this terrible stuff happen. I need it explained to me why you hurt your poeple. Until I can see why all this happen, I will still question your existance. So please show me what you are thinking, show me what goes on in your mind. Show me your ways so I can believe in you. Please show me God. Thanks. Please answer my prayer. Amen. "A not so sure believer."

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